Vapermate's "We really do care" Payment Plan

If you have been directed here by website support or a store, this is the link to our payment planPlease do not process any payments on this link unless you are at a store waiting to checkout or have an online order that was emailed to you asking you to complete your purchase.  Email if you would like a payment plan on a website purchase. 

Worried about finding another flavor you like after the VApocalypse? Stock up and take advantage of our payment plan.

Whatever you pay today you can defer the same equal payment for the next 3 months and get credit at the register when you checkout. Here’s how it works.

  • Go to vapermate/reallydoescare
  • Choose the payment plan size of your choice
  • Enter your information and your card will be charged for the first of 4 equal payments.
  • At the register present your ID and update your customer information with one of our Rock Star staff members.
  • We need to enter your address as on your ID, update your phone and email so we can keep you up to date on any other changes coming after next month
  • You will get credit on your purchase today for 4 times the payment you made on your card today and the next three months based on the day you submitted we will charge your card until your balance is paid.

Vapermate would like to thank our AWESOME customers for all the loyalty you have shown to our AMAZING staff, reassure you that your store is here to stay but you will be seeing new products soon and help you into the transition of these mandated changes in the vaping industry.

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