Last call for the Recipe Book aka "The lol book"

The must read part

Visit & support your local store and stock up on your favorites now before it’s too late. Our tried and true flavors will be available after this mandated change but our manufacturing of e-liquid as a finished tobacco product for you will be put to rest on Sept 9th.  There is still plenty of product available on store shelves so we strongly encourage you to shop local.

In addition and for your convenience our website is offering as much as 50% off while supplies last.  Remember juice is suitable for storage in a cool dark place or freezing and can last well beyond any dates on the bottles. We are also taking orders for larger quantities of 600ml and more to help keep your cost down and stock up as many months or years as you wish.  We will continue to take orders until the last possible minute along with a payment plan offering.  For this option please contact us by text message 330-467-2000, website chat at or message  You can also click here to start the process of placing your customer order.

For those that have been vaping our flavors for years, especially those using our tobacco flavors, we wanted to offer the payment plan to help you during this transition and keep you from any possibility of buying a pack you might later regret.  Our stores and staff will assist you in making your final purchase of our nicotine products and answer any questions you have regarding our payment plan and upcoming changes as well.  

Still wondering why?

In short, many are not aware of what’s coming September 9, 2020 to the vaping industry.  Your e-liquid, pod/tank, coil, battery and yes even your drip tip is a component of the device that in less than a month is regulated by the FDA.  Many products like our e-liquids will be coming off the market due to the hundreds of thousands of dollars required per flavor AND level of nicotine for the testing and submission preparation to the FDA.    For those that want to learn more about PMTA click here for the FDA website  

Our stores will continue to provide you with the same stellar service from the same superstar staff members. We be introducing all your favorites as flavorings, however they will not be produced the same or intended for use with electronic cigarettes and will contain no nicotine.  The only thing that will change is what is available on the shelf.  We will work hard to bring you the best out of what remains in the market place after next month but in all honesty we are still waiting to see what will remains ourselves.  

Vapermate made a decision many years ago to keep all 90+ flavors in 5 nicotine levels available for thousands of combinations. This allowed our customers to find flavors that worked for their unique needs and decrease their nicotine as they wish, rather than stick to the most popular flavors and “chase the buck” that comes with a much smaller product line.  This has made business a challenge over the years trying to provide all the variety, but in between all that and various government agencies changing bottling regulations, setting dates and then extending them,  the rewards of seeing staff and customers have so much fun with our recipe book making new flavors and especially all the insanely crazy crazy names everyone came up with.  In hindsight, I wouldn’t change a thing.  Oh don’t let me forget all the crazy names ya’ll came up with 😊

If you rather order from the website we do have some special pricing for custom runs of 600/ml.  If you are vaping a level of nicotine that is not shown on the site or require a payment plan to stock up,  feel free to contact us by text message 330-467-2000, website chat at or message . You can also email with your request and someone will contact you to assist but this method may take a bit longer to get a response.  If you choose to call 330-467-2000 please don’t be surprised if you get our voice mail but we will return calls as quickly as humanly possible 😊

I couldn’t tell you how many times we have heard a customer has say “Thank you, vaping has literally saved my life”.  This along with watching so many of our youthful staff grow and evolve, gaining knowledge, experience and wisdom over the years and moving on to do to follow their dreams has made this an experience I will always be grateful to have been given.

Vapermate always has and always will care about what you vape!  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support you have given the people that ARE this company.  They will always be my “Rock Stars”

Please feel free to leave a comment or testimonial below. You need not use your full name or even your real name.  If you are a customer that named one of the recipes in the book please let us know that too  😊

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  • Jason V on

    As a long time customer and a die hard get every time fan of there flavor blue rassberry I had to stock up and order some bulk juice before the 9th. Love the store and atmosphere everytime I visit!

  • Dan Waldron on

    As a customer spanning back 7+ years ago, having the freedom to adjust my nicotine up and down, as well as my flavors, was a key to my beginnings of a vaper. Almost 6 years ago I started working at the stores, and it has been a blast over the years creating new concoctions with our customer base. The hours that have been put into the “Juice Bible” as we tend to refer to it as, has been amazing and fun and a way to keep things interesting. I can’t thank the Stuff n Puffs and VaperMate crews enough for the things i have learned, the people i have met, on BOTH sides of the counter, and allowing me to be creative. And I thank each and every customer that has had a hand in what we have been able to do over the years… Its always been about YOU, THE CUSTOMER! THANK YOU!

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